As society advances and as changes are being made, demolitions and renovations of old buildings and other structures have become commonplace. These old buildings and structures will make way for newer ones that will house families as well as commercial areas that are becoming more and more popular and necessary. Whether you are part of the construction company doing the remodeling or demolition, or you are a mere spectator or civilian living near the area, there are many dangers that these projects hold than what you think.

Many buildings or structures that were made in the late 20th century have used asbestos, a common and widely known component for construction materials mainly because of its ability to be fire resistant and a good insulator of heat and sound. It has been used in many other products, but has been deemed a health hazard in the 1970s after it was found out that it is responsible for a number of health ailments such as asbestosis, lung cancer and other complications. Since then, the use of asbestos in construction has been stopped, although structures that are made with them still stand today.

Because of the recent demolitions and renovations of old buildings, many construction workers have become exposed to asbestos without knowing it. According to the Environmental working Group, about 9,900 workers become exposed and experience asbestos-related ailments every year. This is aside from the dangers that these construction workers put themselves into, such as workplace injuries and equipment malfunctions.

As advised by New York law firm Hach & Rose, LLP, those who have suffered injuries, whether from asbestos exposure, equipment malfunction, or any other workplace accidents can file for a personal injury claim. This is particularly true if the accident was caused by another person’s recklessness or disregard to safety. Asbestos exposure or severe worksite accident can lead to life-long disability, but although worker’s compensation can help cover for the expenses, it helps to have the person liable for their recklessness.

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Car Rollover Accidents

According to reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), next to head-on vehicle collisions, rollover accidents are the leading cause of serious injuries and death in the United States. Rollover accidents have been accounted for more than one half of all the single-vehicle accidents that resulted in death. Although they don’t happen as frequently as other types of road accidents, they tend to cause more grievous damages and injuries.

There are many causes of rollover accidents and knowing how they happen can protect you, your passengers, and other motorists and pedestrians from possibly getting serious injuries and damages. One cause of rollovers is hitting a “trip” on the road. A “trip” is anything that is of uneven surface which could lift one side of the vehicle and cause it to flip over.  It can be a ditch, guardrail, a tree, median, or other objects big enough for the car to go through unsteady ground. Another cause is the over correcting of a moving vehicle. Often it happens because the driver is not paying close attention to driving, or has fallen asleep while behind the wheel. Aggressive driving as well as reckless lane changes could also cause vehicles to flip over because these makes vehicles harder to maneuver, and even without road obstruction they can rollover and result to road accidents.

Causing an accident can make you liable for personal injury claims. As represented by many personal injury firms such as Sampson Law Firm, many victims of rollover accidents caused by another person’s negligence suffer serious injuries which lead them to have expensive medical bills. Victims also suffer financial burdens because of lost work hours and further rehabilitation and treatments, which is why personal injury claims become expensive: these claims are for awarding compensation for all the damages done to the victims.

Although all vehicles are capable of flipping over, there are those that are most susceptible for rollover accidents such as SUVs, full-sized vans, and light pick-up trucks. Any vehicle that has a higher center of gravity combined with a narrow track width (the length from the left to the right wheels) could make them unstable for sudden turns and sharp changes of direction. Regardless of the type of car you are driving, it is always important to practice safe driving habits and become attentive and defensive when reckless motorists share the road with you. Safe habits not only reduce your risk of being hurt, but can sometimes also save you money, as according to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, some car insurers offer discounts for safe drivers.

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Pharmaceutical Defects

Pharmaceutical products go through rigorous testing and research before going out in the market. Because they deal with the health of the patients, strict regulatory processes are followed in order to ensure the least amount of side effects to every patient. However, there are situations where defective or fatal products are shelved out, causing serious injuries or deaths to patients.

Because pharmaceutical drugs are also consumer products, anyone who has suffered severe side effects can go for a product liability claim against a number of people involved in the pharmaceutical drug. There are three basic types of claims for drug-related product liability. It is important to know which one applies to you and how the drug has affected your health:

  1. Pharmaceutical drugs which are defectively manufactured – this category covers any injuries which the pharmaceutical drug caused due to any defect made during the production or manufacturing of the drug, including the shipping, packaging, and even errors in labeling.
  2. Side effects caused by the pharmaceutical drugs – this category cover injuries directly caused by side effects after taking the drug. Often, drugs are out on the market for a certain time and have just recently exhibited side effects or increased risks of certain health conditions. Aside from product liability claims, punitive damages can be given if it is proven that the manufacturer was aware of the potential side effects but chose to conceal it.
  3. Inaccurate marketing of the pharmaceutical drug – whether it is the instructions, warnings, or recommendations regarding the drugs, injuries that is caused by the failure to provide necessary instructions or vital warnings regarding the dangerous effects of the drug is covered in this catergory. It also involves failing to give sufficient instructions for safe and appropriate usage can be claimed as bad advice, and anyone from the doctor, manufacturer, pharmacists or any medical provider can be taken into account.

One of the most famous product liability cases is the birth control drug Yaz. Aside from being a birth control pill, it has also been marketed as relief from severe PMS and acne, but patients have experienced severe Yaz side effects such as stroke, gall bladder disease, heart attacks, and many others. These complications are due to the drospirenone present in Yaz, which increases the likelihood of blood clots in the patient’s arms and legs. Many victims believe manufacturers of Yaz was aware of the potential side effects but hid the important data in order to sell the product.

Pharmaceutical defects can present a more complicated product liability claim compared to other products, and may require the help of a professional. In cases such as those who suffered from Yaz side effects, it would be more important to get a lawyer who specializes in drug cases.

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The economy is always changing, and for small businesses to go with the evolving changes of the market world, they have to be ready to face a lot of challenges in order to grow. To avoid the pitfalls that come with business growth, it becomes essential for anyone to recognize and overcome the common drawbacks that businesses face. Proper business handling plays a vital role in preventing the downfall of a business.

One of the leading problems that small businesses face is aiming for growth in cash management. Cash flow generation as well as management is important particularly during a recession where business is slow and creditors become more intolerant for debt repayment extensions. Business owners, particularly those in the smaller business industries, can handle accounting and business litigation issues within their capabilities, although it would always be more beneficial to have professional legal help.

For those who have been stumped with debt but choose to save their business and other properties or assets, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy would be a good option. Through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debt can be reorganized, enabling not only families but businesses to keep valued possessions in order to establish financial stability. Chapter 13 bankruptcy also allows certain debts to be deducted, and sums up all debts into a single repayment plan. Having legal counsel during the whole bankruptcy can prevent business litigation issues and disputes. An attorney will be able to help you through this stressful time as you try to get your life back together.

For small businesses to be able to keep abreast with the new trends of today’s ever-changing and evolving markets, they have to know how to properly handle the challenges that will be thrown along their way. Having a strong strategic financial management plan is one critical factor in order to surpass many present market obstacles. Not only do small businesses have to invest in latest marketing strategies, they also have to learn from their past mistakes and know what business strategies to apply to maintain financial stability and achieve growth.

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