Many car accidents involve cyclists and pedestrians, causing either severe and life-changing injuries or death to both. To keep these people safe, as well as the driver, the people behind the brand Volvo have taken steps to ensure that anyone driving this car brand is safe and will never be the cause of any road death or serious injury.

Volvo, the first to introduce seat belts, has also introduced and equipped its cars and trucks with different systems that have made even city driving a lot safer. Some of these systems are the Auto Brake, which automatically stops the vehicle to avoid rear-end collision, the Stretch Brake, which gives Volvo truck drivers maximum steering ability even when driving downhill and the Cornering Light, which gives the driver enhanced visibility of the truck’s sides.

This year, 2013, marks another technological milestone for the makers of Volvo. Its latest car safety feature, the Volvo Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake, has been voted as “Technology of the Year” by the judges at AOL Autos.

The system relays information on moving objects via a radar unit. If collision is imminent, a red light will flash to warn the driver. If the driver fails to make a brake to avoid impact, an automatic full braking pressure will be provided by the system to make the vehicle stop, avoiding, or minimizing the force of, impact.

The Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection is to be standard equipment in Volvo’s line of vehicles this 2014.

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