The Perfect Gift

With summer on the horizon, I’ve been thinking more and more about summer blockbusters to come. I will always remember how exciting it was to wait in line to see Jaws when I was a younger kid. The suspense, the thrill, and the overall super fun tone of the movie are etched in my mind as examples of the power of movies. They can lift us up, bring us down, empower us as heroes in our lives, and at the same time remind us that there forces far bigger than us in the world.

I love going to movie theaters, eating popcorn, drinking soda, and eating candy. I absorb the whole experience, I think, because it reminds of my childhood. There’s just something thrilling about watching a silly superhero movie or summer blockbuster. The only barrier to doing this as an occasional treat is my wife. Don’t get me wrong, she loves movies as much as I do!

But, she gets cold very easily. And if you know anything about movie theaters, at least the ones in Chesterfield, movie theaters were basically designed to make people like my wife chatter their teeth the whole time. So while she likes seeing movies, she hates doing so in cold movie theaters.

For the longest time, this has meant that if I want to watch newly released movies, I have to see it by myself or with friends. Which is fine! However, there is a sequel coming out to one of her favorite movies. She’s been looking forward to seeing it for a long time!

With our anniversary coming up, I started planning. I wanted to show the movie outside on our patio, surrounded f by friends and family. It would be the perfect gift to a woman who loves community and nature. The first step was to find an early copy of the movie that I could show on the project. Luckily, a friend in the movie business was able to get a copy from one of his friends. The next step was to make sure that our patio was as beautiful as possible.

So, when my wife was out of town for work, I was able to hire some awesome professionals at Midwest Lawn Co. They are highly recommended and I now know why! They perfectly installed seating and shades for our patio. I never knew a landscaping company could help with things like that but Midwest Lawn Co does!

After they installed the seats, they were able to cut my lawn and do the edging for my curb so tidily, I think I’m going to have them do it from now on! My wife was so happy to see the clean lawn and new patio features. When she asked how I was able to accomplish all of the work, I told her that I just put some elbow grease into it. Funnily enough, she didn’t believe me and I had to tell her it was all Midwest! She loves me to death but she couldn’t believe that the lawn and patio was something I could do. And I don’t blame her!

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